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soul healing

Welcome! I'm glad you are here.

My intention with the material I offer here is tell you a bit about me, how I work, and what I believe. If any of what I describe resonates with you, I encourage you to get in touch. 

I believe that we all carry trauma and our greatest suffering comes from early relational trauma. In addition to the wounding we consciously recall, we may carry wounds of our ancestors, or from our experience in the womb. Perhaps all we consciously know about our trauma is that something "feels wrong." 

I believe psychotherapy is a powerful mechanism for healing relational trauma. Therapy is, at its core, a relationship that facilitates healing around relational wounds. 

I believe the call to seek therapy is a call from your soul wanting more from your life. Therapy is a space to support you in gaining depth, meaning, and purpose by more intimately understanding yourself. My hope for you in our work together is that you experience a deepening into a more meaningful, fully expressed life. 

I work well with folks who resonate with one or more of the following: constant anxiety, difficulty setting boundaries, sense of hiding your true self, feeling weird or freakish, reliance on thinking over feeling, inexplicable emotional reactivity, difficulty staying present in your body, a brutal inner critic.

Our work together can help you connect to the healing power already present inside you.


Please fill out this form or reach out via email to schedule a 20 minute consultation. In your email please include a brief description of what calls you to therapy now, as well as some good times to reach you.

Thank you!

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