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I am currently offering virtual appointments to residents of California

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"I am large, I contain multitudes" -Walt Whitman

I specialize in working with people seeking change around a constellation of the following:

Perfectionism, people pleasing, existential anxiety, setting boundaries, chronic stress, burnout, and unprocessed grief

I don't see these as issues to be fixed or solved, but rather the portals through which we will explore what deeper healing may be needed. A session with me may include parts work, brainspotting, and mindfulness techniques. My approach is collaborative and holds you as a unique expression of humanity with unique needs. 

50 Minute Standard Session - $180

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“There is no greater source of joy and meaning in our lives than our relationships with others.” - Esther Perel

In couples therapy we will explore the pattern of conflict between you and how your experience of early childhood may be impacting how you experience your relationships. Couples therapy offers a space to slow down and gain clearer understanding of yourself and your partner, allowing for new choices and insights to emerge.

I primarily use an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy, developed by Sue Johnson. 

50 Minute Couples Session - $180

75 Minute Couples Session - $235

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"Brainspotting is a physiological process with psychological consequences." - David Grand

Brainspotting is a way of using eye position during a therapy session to help you access and release the somatic (body based) and sublinguistic memory of trauma that evades the healing power of talk therapy. Similar to EMDR, Brainspotting might be for you if you are looking for relief from symptoms related to a specific traumatic event or circumstances in your childhood.

50 Minute Brainspotting Session - $180

90 Minute Brainspotting Session - $250

Learn more at 

Start Close In

Start close in,

don't take the second step

or the third,

start with the first


close in,

the step

you don't want to take

Start with

the ground

you know,

the pale ground

beneath your feet,

your own

way to begin 

the conversation.

Start with your own


give up on other

people's questions,

don't let them

smother something


To hear

another's voice,


your own voice,

wait until

that voice

becomes an

intimate private ear

that can

really listen

to another

Start right now

take a small step

you can call your own

don't follow 

someone else's

heroics, be humble

and focused,

start close in,

don't mistake 

that other

for your own.

Start close in,

don't take the second step

or the third,

start with the first


close in,

the step

you don't want to take

-David Whyte

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